Art Glass

Jay Curtis has worked with a variety of media over the years, but it is fine art glass that has continued to hold his interest. As a young artist, he was drawn to art glass because he enjoyed working with something that was both decorative and functional. While a piece of glass can be as utilitarian as a tabletop or window, for Jay it represents a palette that can be etched, blown, carved and/or cast, transforming it into an exquisite art glass design.

Inspiration for many of Jay’s art glass designs comes from nature. Some of his most distinctive art glass designs show intricately etched flowers, strolling shorebirds, sea turtles surfacing from beneath the waves and crashing surf.

Jay creates his custom art glass designs for both commercial and residential clients, and all of his art glass designs are produced in his studio, then shipped to his clients. Art glass design requires a range of technical skills that includes glass etching, carving, leading, and casting. It is the complete command of all of these techniques that allows Jay to create the art glass designs that are unique and stunning in detail, each a standalone work of art.

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